Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Burbank Wallpaper

Burbank is a funny thing to me.
Though its congress has been trying to turn it into the next "it" place
(and it's lack of parking spaces seem to prove that maybe they're doing a good job)
it will always be, in my eyes, plain old Burbank.
A place for the relaxed who choose to walk amongst the local shops and maybe, catch a flick.
I hunted down some adorable strangers and found some really wonderful inspiration in the wallpaper.

*TANCHO. Yes, that is her name and damn does she own it!
What a cutie, huh? She walked into my work with that bright Turquoise shirt and golden accessories and I about died!
I love a woman who is bold with colors.
Not only did she allow me to take a picture of her pretty face, but I got one of her and her son.
I mean, what's a better accessory than those you love?

*To be quite honest, I can't find where I wrote this girls name!!!
But nonetheless, I will be copying her folded socks with white sneakers style, any day now.

*Barbara. I'm a sucker for color coordination and I thought it only appropriate to post Barbara's picture up in honor of the "Gulabi Gang".
A beautiful woman with an awesome personality, I ended up giving her a ride to the hair salon!

* Another, Barbara! I just love how simple her style is. Sometimes simplicity with a twist can really catch the eye. I mean, it caught mine!

**Natasha and Raphael. These two were shopping in Downtown Burbank and I, literally, ran after them. They're graduating high school in a couple of days and even though I was reluctant to put them on the site (cause they're still itty bitties!) I immediately got sentimental when they said they were besties for life.
You know how I feel about Besties.

Real people. Real stories. Real fashion. Real inspiration.
Thank you pretty people.

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  1. Is reality chasing you or are you chasing reality??? Well just let it naturally real and its their, just look an see.